Welcome to the Black Guard

It is the time of man in the land of Styria. After the fall of the Great Lord Mordan, who was a protector of the old ways, some 150 Summers ago the age of industry began. With the creation of blasting powder by the Dwarves mining became a much more efficient industry and metal became much cheaper to work with. The Gnomes refined the blasting powder and created new weapon they called the Gonne. While not a replacement for bows in terms of range, they were more compact and lighter. The Gnomes then engineered mechanical machines that could run on a mixture of magics and the refined blasting powder. Most of these machines were built as lumbering beasts specifically designed for cutting wood or mining. Occasionally one would be built more human and assigned to a more societal task, and even given an awareness and intelligence.

At the same time as the industrial revolution was taking effect, the Elves began to grow agitated at the movement away from magic and the destruction of the forests and mountains for the sake of industrial advancement. They retreated from society and began to defend the forests and mountains through coordinated and brutal assaults on the mining and foresting operations. When the companies began to weaponize and turn the machines against the Elves it proves too much and they were pushed back into the wilds. Then, suddenly, they were all gone. It has been 60 years since the last Elf was seen, but in their place wild beasts have risen up and have made the deep forests and mountains a far more dangerous place then the Elves even did.

I will be filling this out over the next week, but for starters I will explain character creation on here. Characters will be based on one of five archetypes which are very generic but should provide some uniqueness among the characters. Take a deck of cards and grab a 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace from the deck. Place them face down and draw a random card. Let me know which card you have drawn and I will give you the information for your character. From there you can fill in details and build your character however you would like. There can only be one of each archetype, so the faster you do this the more choices you have.

Information that may be important to you:
The World

Cards drawn:
Drew – Ace
Scott – Queen (yes I know ha ha very funny…)
Dustin – Jack

Jacra Black Guard

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